There's an army on the dance floor,
It's a fashion with a gun my love.
In a room without a door,
A kiss is not enough.
Psychedelic Furs, Love My Way

"Andrealphus and his demonic Servitors are the most hot-handed and cold-hearted creatures ever to crawl out of Hell."
-In Nomine Core Book, p. 158

Andrealphus, Impudite Demon Prince of Lust, has like Kobal and many other successful demons recognized that hand-wringing Saturday-morning-cartoon evil is of limited use in fighting Heaven. (Meanwhile, Saminga, Beleth, Belial, and others think they're doing quite well, thank you.) The former Archangel of Love has swung to the fun side of his former Word.


Pretty much just what it says. This is pretty much solely limited to sexual lusts, however: a "lust for power" isn't really what Andre's into. Lust's Servitors are expressly forbidden from getting too close to humans. Demons in general couldn't care for another anyway, but even getting too selfishly attached is a problem for Lusties. Even mental exercises in sympathy are incompatible with the real expression of the Word. Humans are toys; have fun.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Andre gets along great with Nybbas; the two admire each other's style. He also seems pretty taken with Lilith. Baal's strictness and business-like nature turn him off. Haagenti's Word of Gluttony goes great with Lust ... and for precisely that reason, the two are rivals constantly trying to muscle in on each others' territory.

Being an Impudite, he absolutely hates Saminga, and would shove the ugly bastard into an incinerator if he ever got the chance.


Ties with Nybbas would provide one option.