“Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out til too late that he's been playing with two queens all along.”

--Terry Pratchett

Asmodeus, Djinn Demon Prince of the Game, sees the Symphony and the War as a massive, high-stakes game. He applies this framework to just about everything. His main duty as far as Hell goes is maintaining discipline in the ranks. (And if you thought Dominic was creepy...)

The GameEdit

The Game's primary manifestation is maintaining order among the unruly Infernal hordes., as well as the pursuit and recapture of Renegades. Asmodeus's Word also ties into the corruption of Judgment, as well as literal games and gamesmanship. It's said that where Dominic has Tethers in courtrooms, Asmodeus has them in law firms and legislatures, places where the law is less about justice and more about establishing who wins and who loses.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

The chief of Hell's secret police works fist-in-glove with Kronos and sees him as one of the most valuable pieces on the board. He also generally cooperates with Baal. Most other Princes earn his suspicion, particularly the unrestrainable Valefor. Note, though, that even friends will be closely watched by The Game -- maybe even especially friends.


Gamesters could be tracking down renegades or just snooping on what the others are doing in Advincula. It's possible that the various games being produced there could also be a draw.