Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasizing war,
On our knees or another fucker's shore!
Heiling new flesh, read, then roared,
To the crooked cross and the holy cause!
What else be whipped to frenzy for!?
-Cradle of Filth, From the Cradle to Enslave

Baal, Balseraph Prince of The War, is (after Lucifer) Hell's lead strategist in the fight against Heaven. He's doing an excellent job. He is organized and creative, and more than a match for Laurence, who leads Heaven's army.

The WarEdit

Baal's Word is distinct from Michael's in that Baal's refers to the War between Heaven and Hell, while Michael's refers to warriors and warfare in general. That said, humans warring against each other often does a lot for Hell, and so Baal does conduct operations aimed at encouraging such behavior. Words and the celestial bearing them do interact to some degree, and Baal's penchant for combat and armed struggle brings a bit of the general concept of warfare into his Word.

The mission of servitors of the War is to beat Heaven and dethrone God. They're doing this by obliterating Heaven's attempts at winning Earth's resources whenever possible, and preparing for Armageddon.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Baal runs his own show, but he does get along with both some of Hell's more destructive sorts, as well as (or "including") Vapula, the lunatic Prince of Technology. Vapula's gadgets are notoriously unreliable, which is problematic from a military perspective, but they make for a potent arsenal of tricks and surprises that challenge some of Heaven's old-fashioned assumptions about celestial conflict.