Burn, baby, BURN!

--Cry of the Watts rioters, 1965

Belial, Calabite Demon Prince of Fire, was once one of Gabriel's most gifted lieutenants. Lucifer handed the newly-fallen and still-crazed Belial his master's Word. Belial promptly went completely off the deep end, and shook Gabriel's grip on sanity in the process. Fire is a truly primal Word, and Belial wields immense power.


Whereas Gabriel's Word includes not only literal fire but also the punishment of the cruel and the spark of inspiration, Belial keeps it simple. Fire is the rapid oxidation of a combustible material, and Belial loves it dearly. In true Calabite style, this is all about destruction; not a cleansing flame, but a burning that reduces even the beautiful and worthwhile to nothing but ash.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Baal often calls on Fire for brute force, and Belial is happy to oblige. His forces also get along rather well with those of Vapula, "Archangel" of Technology, owing to a shared penchant for weaponry. Andrealphus, Haagenti, Kobal, and Valefor feud with Belial often.


Well, there's ADT, for starters. His Servitors might also be called upon to help Vapula keep the Tether secure.