There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep.
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud.
-Cosette in Les Miserables, "Castle on a Cloud"

Blandine, Cherub Archangel of Dreams, has never been quite what she was before she lost Beleth to the War. Always subtle, and rarely much of a collaborator, she nonetheless in her masterfully quiet way made huge strides for Heaven. Even the most miserable and downtrodden have from time to time had a little moment of hope and ease in their sleep, largely thanks to the work of Blandine and her servants. Yet, with the loss of Beleth, she has grown more and more distant, and her brilliant apprehension is applied less and less earnestly. A lot of angels point to this as the start of Heaven's decline. Were she to Fall, it might mean the total loss of the ethereal plane and the end for Heaven.

For now, though, she continues to do her work, and she even has been known to really smile from time to time.

The angels of hope, called Menunim, form a minor Choir that mostly serves Blandine.


Most literally, Blandine's Word refers to dreams and dreamers, and the ethereal plane. Extending from that, it includes hope and optimism, as well as fantasy.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Blandine trusts Yves. Other than that, she generally isolates herself from the rest of the Seraphim Council. She doesn't even show up in person to vote: she sends a servitor to formally represent her and through that agent allocates her vote to Yves.


Wherever there are people, Blandine's agents have work to do. Starting a business or struggling to get one off the ground invites a lot of stress that Blandine's servants can ameliorate.