When I give my heart,

I give it completely ...

--Victor Young and Edward Heyman, "When I Fall in Love"

Bright Lilim, the Gifters, are the rarest angels to be found in the Symphony, Lilim who have decided that their truest chance of freedom lies with Heaven and have become redeemed. Asmodeus makes it a priority to recapture these "traitors" so he can make a personal example of them; as a result, the lifespan of a Bright on Earth can often be measured in weeks.

Brights are frequently fascinated by the Malakim, purest of the pure. This may be partly because of their common understanding of honor, and partly because it's rare for a darker Lilim to have any dealings with a Virtue, save at swordpoint. The chance to stare safely at something so deadly is an intriguing one.

Reasonance and DissonanceEdit

Even after Redemption, a Bright retains her abilities in the art of the deal. She still has the ability to see Needs and to claim Geases for fulfilling them. But she lacks the selfish motives of her darker sisters, choosing to use her gifts to make mortal lives better instead of twisting them around her finger. In fact, many Gifters in their early days will offer "unofficial favors" by the score, taking no payment in return.

As with their infernal relations, Gifters suffer dissonance if their supernaturally-aided deals are offered and refused.

Celestial AppearanceEdit

A Bright Lilim keeps her humanoid form but loses her green skin and horns. They are replaced with a pair of translucent wings, a source of joy to every new-fledged Bright.