Shove it up inside surprise! lies
Stains like the blood on your teeth
Bite chew suck
I want to break it up I want to smash it up I want to fuck it up
I want to watch it come down

-March of the Pigs by Nine Inch Nails

Calabim, the Destroyers, are the third Band of demons. They oppose Ofanim.

Resonance and DissonanceEdit

Whereas Ofanim are restless angels with an affinity for movement, Calabim have turned all that energy inwards. Rather than manic and outward, they're typically tense and angry. Calabim are charged with violent entropy, and can tap into this to destroy objects (or people!) with supernatural force. (Smashing things fairly reliably cheers them up.) This sometimes generates a backlash, which can jangle them with dissonance.

Calabim all start out with at least one point of Discord due to their fractured nature; the exact amount depends on their Forces, and the Discord will not go away unless the Calabite in question is redeemed.


Calabim are pretty slovenly, as a rule. The aura of entropy surrounding them wrinkles their clothes while attracting ketchup stains and the like; it's pretty much impossible to clean one up. They're not too subtle, and most of them have serious anger issues. Expecting them to adhere to common-sensical norms of restraint is asking for trouble.

But, they can still work out in certain positions. Sometimes, though, they're just deployed as Role-less thugs. Hell has nothing quite like the Malakim, but Calabim (as well as Djinn) often serve as functional substitutes.

Celestial AppearanceEdit

In Celestial form, Calabim are red-skinned demons with bat-wings. They're just as unkempt and visibly malevolent as they are in corporeal form.


  • Calabim are all grinning lunatics and morons.
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