Every highway leads you prodigal and true
To the ordinary angels watchin' over you.
-Dave Carter, "Ordinary Town"

Cherubim, the Guardians, are the second Choir of angels. They are opposed by the Djinn, the Stalkers.

Resonance and DissonanceEdit

Cherubim can resonate to a person, object, or place within the Symphony. They become supernaturally attuned to that part of the Symphony, and can track it (or him/her) anywhere in the corporeal plane. They will also get an immediately recognizable sinking feeling if their attunement is seriously (i.e., for humans, mortally) threatened.

It is dissonant for Cherubim to harm their attunements. If an attunement is destroyed, it introduces a painful note of dissonance in the Cherub. Finally, breaking an attunement requires a Will roll, and if they fail in this, it creates a note of dissonance.


Cherubim are obviously good choices for bodyguards, sentries, or caretakers. If they're sufficiently strong-willed and self-disciplined, they can also be effective hunters...but that can be courting disaster.

Angels tend to be more patient than humans, but Cherubim really take the cake. In extreme cases, they can sit around watching something for literally centuries and not feel the slightest bit antsy. It just FEELS right to them, okay?

Celestial AppearanceEdit

Cherubim do not appear as chubby winged babies in celestial form. Rather, their celestial forms are animals of various types with feathered wings stuck on. Try not to think about what bird-Cherubim must look like with that extra pair of wings.


  • All Cherubim are big friendly teddy bears, and can always be counted on as a friend.

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