I believe the children are our future,

Teach them well and let them lead the way.

-"The Greatest Love of All" from Mahogany

Christopher, Cherub Archangel of Children, is the newest Superior on the Heavenly scene. A former servant of David, he gained his Word after seeing the horror of the Children's Crusade and was raised to Archangelic status in the 1970s. He is generally seen as loving, kind and effective -- if a tad inexperienced.


The Word of Children reflects not only the protection and education of the young, but the defense of what childhood means: innocence, vitality, curiosity and fun. Servitors of Children also work to encourage parental feelings in adults and to remind them of the memories of their own childhoods. They may not do anything that harms or patronizes a child.

Christopher's Word has grown quite strong in modern times, largely because of the work he did before becoming a Superior. He is believed to have laid the groundwork for child labor laws, better recognition of child abuse, and other laws and practices that benefit the young.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Christopher is very close to Yves and shares the elder Archangel's associations with Blandine, Gabriel and Jean. (In return, Michael views him with suspicion, wondering if he's one more plot of Destiny.) He is an ally of Novalis as well as a friend to Jordi, since children and animals are a natural match. He despises Nybbas and Kobal for their perverting effects on childhood, and has made a special project of battling Fleurity, the Prince of Drugs.