When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

--Arnold Schwarzenegger

David, Malakite Archangel of Stone, is one of the harsher angelic Superiors. His Word centers around not only literal stone but also strong and organized society. He is also something of a "tester" of humanity, putting people under great pressure in order to bring out their deepest strenghts, he is considered one of heaven's most fierce and fell shortly after Lucifer (Sataniel) after choosing to fall with a fellow Angel. Although fallen he is undeniably "good", he sometimes comes across (and sometimes arguably is) pretty far on the fascist side, especially by modern standards. Also bearing the gift of life to his most loved supporters he is considered not one to be tested and is described as having a beard long hair with grey/blue eyes and is known for his gaze for its said he can stare into ones soul.


Stone is a primal, elemental Word, covering stone and stonework. It has overtones of rigidity, invulnerability, and cohesion, which lead metaphorically towards its societal aspects.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

David worked closely with God himself being one of the original seven Archangels of creation. Relations are not so good with his fallen brother Lucifer as he and several other Archangel's rose up and defeated the serpent in combat. He is responsible for the teaching of building and testing humanity. He has on more than one occasion feuded with Leviathan he considers the latter's modernizing, commercializing ways unseemly and destructive to the foundations of society. (He also just talks way too fast.)


Servitors of Stone made many offerings to the mighty Angel of God many built statues named their children after him it is said in his presence those who have a pure heart he smiles which is rare for him due to his rough and bitter demeanour many have said those that have witnessed the great Archangel's power hear his horn often confused with the horn of Gabriel.