It looks like freedom, but it feels like death
It's something in between, I guess...

—Leonard Cohen, Closing Time

Demons are celestials allied with Hell. The first demons originated in the Fall of Lucifer and one third of Heaven's angels.


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The core quality of a demon is selfishness. They are defined in opposition to the themes of the Symphony. Instead, they each contain unique personal symphonies, which can resonate to change reality. Whereas angelic resonances are typically passive and rely on perception, demonic resonances are typically active and rely on willpower. (For example, the Elohim sense emotion while the Habbalah inflict it.) Many a Fallen angel got where they are because, increasingly troubled by their place in the Symphony, they decided to make up a new tune that suited them better.

Almost every human has a certain reliable mediocrity, which can at times be a saving grace. The average demon totally lacks conscience, and understands everything in terms of their own pain or escape therefrom. Demons can sometimes be upset at harm done to those they favor, or be interested in seeing another do well, but they will almost certainly not care. They simply don't have the capacity to make that kind of empathic connection outside of their own personal symphonies, which they cherish above all other things. A crack in this barrier can manifest in the form of the Selfless Discord.

Demons typically share, at least to some extent, angelic psychological traits like an especially abstract worldview. Also like angels, while newly created demons might be fairly stereotypical to their Band and Word, older demons tend to diverge.


Demons have resonances based on their Band, and typically also have attunements granted by their Superiors. They can consciously use Essence to bend reality, and can learn to perform any Song.

Frequency on EarthEdit

There are about one million demons assigned to Earth, or one demon for every 5,000 humans. This is not to say that a city with 60,000 people will have exactly twelve demons: demons aren't sent somewhere unless their Superior thinks there's something to be gained, and if there is, then they'll send as many as they think they need to send.


The seven primary bands of demons are:

There are other bands of demons as well, but these are by far the most common. Attempts at variation from these inversions of the Heavenly "models" are most often less useful.


  • All demons are really just misunderstood, and if they only had a chance...

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