And if you fall as Lucifer fell,
The flame! The sword!
-"Stars", from Les Miserables

Dominic, Seraph Archangel of Judgment, leads the Divine Inquisition. Many angels consider him more than a little creepy; Michael has openly called him "the Hyena of Heaven" for his persecutions. Dominic doesn't mind his role being a largely thankless one, so long as righteousness is upheld. His servitors generally feel the same way.


Judgment is the application of moral principles to particular individuals, actions, and situations. Servitors of Judgment aim to see to it that justice has a voice on Earth and in Heaven.

When most people think of Judgment, they think of identifying and punishing the wicked. This is indeed a very significant part of the Word, perhaps the dominant part, but Dominic also cares that justice is carried out fairly, whether in Heaven or on Earth. Angels serving Judgment often work to exonerate the wrongly accused, for instance. While Dominic is known as a harsh judge, he is still an angel, and cares deeply about the truth. It is contrary to his nature to shrug his shoulders while someone suffers unnecessarily. Most angels will admit as much, but that doesn't mean Judgment is always well-liked. At the very least, many think Dominic is prone to excess.

Servitors of Judgment typically operate in triads of three angels: a Seraph, a Cherub, and one other. Trusted angels are sometimes dispatched individually.

Many angels believe that Judgment cooperates with The Game from time to time. Neither Dominic nor servitors of Judgment speak about this one way or the other, as a rule.


Servitors of Judgment assigned to Advincula would probably be there to track down Outcasts. They might also be involved in legal issues related to the park.