"Do what thou wilt, but be cool."
-Eli's parting admonition to his Servitors

Eli, the Mercurian Archangel of Creation, is an ancient Heavenly force who very, very recently (1957) dropped out of Heaven to roam the Earth incognito.

Eli is a consummate artist, and fairly laid back by Heavenly standards. Dominic is convinced that he's up to no good, and thinks Heaven needs to drag him back for trial before he Falls (or just does something incredibly irresponsible and botches the War.)

Since Eli is more or less AWOL, few if any angels still work for him. Servitors of Creation are still attuned to Creation, but they don't often get orders from Eli himself anymore. Rather, most of them have joined up with other Superiors. For example, you might have an angel whose title is "Servitor of Creation, in service to War".


Creation is a vast and immensely powerful Word, covering just about any act of creation. He is most famously connected with artists and artisans, although he's also something of a patron of families and birth, representing a bit of what was lost when Andrealphus signed up with Lucifer. The Archangel "drips" Creation to such an astonishing degree that almost anything that stays in his vicinity for more than a few minutes has a chance of becoming a holy artifact of some kind. Sometimes the transformation is even deliberate...


Advincula has great potential for Creation. All those innovators in the science park are at least potentially contributors to the Symphonic theme of Creation, especially when they start thinking outside the box.