Last time I was sober, man, I felt bad!

Worst hangover that I ever had,

It took six hamburgers and Scotch all night,

And nicotine for breakfast just to put me right.

--Dire Straits, "Heavy Fuel"

Furfur, a Calabite, is the newest Demon Prince in Hell and he's out to make some noise. A former Renegade servant of Belial, he tried for the Word of Rock 'n Roll in the late 1990s, using a song able to summon Lucifer himself. He impressed Lucifer enough to get a crown, but failed to get a new Word; instead, his old Word expanded in meaning, making him the Prince of Hardcore. These days, he wouldn't have it any other way.


Furfur's Word covers the loud and brutal genre of hardcore music, but also takes that attitude toward everything in the world: live hard with no pretension, no compromise, and plenty of violence. Anytime something is taken to ridiculous, Hellish extremes, it's totally Hardcore, man. His demons have to answer violence with violence (Diplomacy? Yeah, right.) and can't lie to protect someone's feelings if the truth would hurt more.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

He struck bargains with Lilith and Nybbas to get to the top, but no one else really likes or trusts the brash newcomer. Belial considers him an out-and-out traitor.