Only entropy comes easy. -- Anton Chekhov

Haagenti, Calabite Demon Prince of Gluttony, worked his way up from familiar to Superior, and even by demonic standards he has worked up a whole lot of hate in the process. He ate two other Princes to get where he is today, and his bottomless hunger hasn't begun to be slaked.


Gluttony is all about consumption. This often refers to literal over-consumption of food, but it can be a striking excess of any desire, carried out heedless of rational need or consequences. The credit card has done a lot for gluttony.


All those pricey gadgets! Advincula definitely has a lot to offer Haagenti. And of course, there's Sensa Inc. as well.

Relations to Other SuperiorsEdit

Haagenti is mostly a solitary force, although Kobal is a close associate (having sponsored Haagenti's rise up the ranks after he caught the Prince's attention) and he works well with Nybbas. He and Saminga often find themselves complementing each other's Words. The brute cannot tolerate Asmodeus.