One baby to another says, "I'm lucky I met you"
I don't care what you think, unless it is about me
-Nirvana, "Drain You"

Impudites, the Takers, are the seventh Band of demons. They oppose Mercurians.

Impudites love humans, in much the same way that some people "love" a good steak. While they are similar to Mercurians in the sense that they are attached to humans, they (being demons) generally have zero capacity for the kind of selfless love that Mercurians embody. Humans are instead wonderful playthings that they just couldn't live without.

Resonance and DissonanceEdit

Using their resonance, Impudites can suck humans (or, rarely, celestials) dry of Essence with a touch, draining their emotions and spirit. They can also charm others by introducing a sympathetic vibe into their psyche. Humans so charmed will, while it lasts, treat the Impudite as a trusted best pal.

Because they need humans so desperately, killing one creates dissonance in an Impudite's personal symphony. This includes inaction, at least to some extent; it's dissonant for them not to at least try to stop the death of a nearby human. Imagine a wine aficionado watching someone pick up a fine aged bottle to smash it all over that dirty floor, and you'll get a good idea of the panicked look in an Impudite's eyes when they see a human about to bite the dust.


Impudites are nimble little social butterflies, and are great for many of the same tasks to which Heaven assigns Mercurians. They're also often the best-behaved and least-neurotic of demons, and are good for delicate jobs with a lot of human contact.

Note on NameEdit

Sometimes demons call Impudites "Imps" for short. Given that an Imp is actually a minor infernal spirit, subordinate to full demons, it's usually a bad idea to use this slang within earshot of an Impudite. (It's perfectly clear in Helltongue, of course.) They might slap you on the back, have a good laugh, and tell your Demon Prince about that rampant Discord of yours.

Celestial AppearanceEdit

In celestial form, Impudites look like their last vessel, with a dark halo, bat wings, and small horns. (Impudites who've never left Hell have the aforementioned features, but their appearance is otherwise somewhat vague, based on their self-image.)


  • All Impudites are charming rogues with nymphomaniac tendencies.