Janus, Ofanite Archangel of Wind, is a divine force of chaos in whose service one can find some of the least subtle angels in heaven. He's suitably mercurial himself, a supernatural teenager who will argue fiercely for one thing and then five minutes later be newly convinced that another outlook is the right one.


Wind encompasses both literal winds and the swift change they represent.

Creative redistribution of property is one form this often takes, and Robin Hood-ing is a popular Windie activity.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Janus is old school, and counts as close allies David, Gabriel, and Michael.

Laurence does not think this kind of random lawlessness is good for the cause, and often ends up at odds with Janus. Menanwhile, the Archangel of the Wind despises Valefor, despite the seeming similarity of their methods. (Or is that a cover? No one's sure.)