Thunder's just a noise, boys,

Lightnin' does the work!

--Chad Brock

Jean, Elohite Archangel of Lightning, is the Heavenly patron of science and technology, and opposes Vapula. In addition to promoting science, Jean also controls the human discovery of technology, blocking progress that he believes would do more harm than good.


Lightning is lightning: bolts of electricity that shoot down from storm clouds. Like many Heavenly Words, though, it also extends figuratively to other matters. For instance, in a Promethean sort of way, a lightning strike creating fire can be a symbolic depiction of innovation. Ever since Raphael the Archangel of Knowledge, was killed battling Legion, Jean has done his best to fill the gap via the metaphorical connection between knowledge (particularly "eureka!" moments) and lightning. The fact that so many of the products of knowledge are now powered by electricity doesn't hurt, of course.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Jean is fairly distant from most other Archangels, with a few exceptions: he often conflicts with Jordi, for being too animal-centered and at times outright anti-human; Michael, for his brutish methods; and Novalis, for her frivolity.On the other hand, he sees Eli as a natural partner and keeps good relations with his Servitors as he tries to understand the Archangel of Creation's bizarre behavior. He also, of course, respects the patience and farsightedness of Yves.