Judaism is the original Abrahamic religion, centered around worship of Yahweh. According to the theories of many beings native to the ethereal plane, this is where "God" got his start. According to this theory, "God" was originally just a tribal spirit named Yahweh...who stumbled upon an immense source of power through the human concept of "the Almighty". God then rewrote the memories of the "celestials" and established Heaven. Perhaps needless to say, most angels consider this nothing more than </span>ex nihilo conspiracy theory nonsense.

To many angels, Judaism is still the most "legitimate" human religion: direct worship of God, developed at the encouragement of Heaven "way back in the day." Its offshoot, Christianity, has far murkier origins and is regarded with careful skepticism by many angels, even among those who find inspiration in its teachings.

So far, Judaism is still without a single, formal patron among the Archangels. Michael was put on trial in 1580 BC largely because of his involvement with the pre- and proto-Judaic warrior cults which were later deliberately eradicated via monotheism, and yet in many ways he is in fact the closest that Judaism has to a patron. Many in Heaven were expecting a more formal declaration of this support during World War II, followed by a decisive intervention; this was the subject of some concern, in fact, as it had the potential to start a larger conflagration or even Armageddon. Michael surprised Heaven by not seeming to take a particular interest in the extermination of the Israelites. Some believe it may have been a deliberate attempt to collect souls for his army, although that seems brutal even for the Archangel of War. Alternately, it may have been that the rumors about him having a personal interest in Judaism were simply mistaken.