How can one little street
swallow so many lives?
-The Offspring, "The Kids Aren't Alright"

Kronos, the Prince of Fate, is sometimes said to be a Balseraph, but nobody really knows what he is. Yves' infernal analogue, he's believed to be the most powerful Prince in Hell, and in the end more central to Hell's enterprise than Lucifer himself.

Every human has a Fate, and Kronos makes it his business to help each one bring it to life. All in all, it seems like he's doing a better job than Yves these days.


See also: Destiny and Fate

The average human is far weaker-willed than a typical celestial, angel or demon. They're wishy-washy creatures, for the most part, not really native to either Heaven or Hell. But each soul can, in very special circumstances, fundamentally change to take on a divine or infernal tinge. It's hard to accomplish, but on the plus side, they almost never turn back once they've started along such a path. A human who meets his or her Fate has signed up with Hell for eternity. (Or at least, until Armageddon.)

Fates vary from human to human. All of them, though, will make some significant difference in the War if achieved, and consign a human to Hell in the process. Some examples, both minor and major:

  • Torture someone to death for money
  • Become a drug lord
  • Send a nation to war
  • Poison dozens of children
  • Fraudulently discredit a great genius

The one escape for a human who has fulfilled their Fate is to also achieve their Destiny, in which case they're brought more or less back to the original state of tension. This almost never happens, of course.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Kronos often works hand in hand with Asmodeus, who considers him the centerpiece of Hell's entire strategy (and tips his hat to his crafty genius.) He has a certain fondness for the dark cruelty of Beleth, and plots alongside Baal to bring the Symphony to its Fate and dash Heaven against the rocks.

He's also known to be particularly pleased with the work of the young upstart Nybbas.


There are certainly humans with interesting Fates in Advincula.