I'd tried so not to give in.
I said to myself: this affair never will go so well
But why should I try to resist when, baby, I know damn well
that I've got you under my skin?
-Frank Sinatra, "Under My Skin"

Kyriotates, the Dominations, are the sixth Choir of angels. They are opposed by the Shedim, the Corruptors.

Resonance and DissonanceEdit

Kyriotates have a resonance for multiplicity. They often talk about themselves as "we" rather than "I", and have a natural inclination to view the universe from several perspectives ... simultaneously. Whereas other celestials must locate their consciousness within a particular vessel, Kyriotates can split apart to possess a number of hosts. (Kyriotates do not have vessels in the standard way.)

It is dissonant for Kyriotates to leave a host in worse shape than when they found it. (They typically repair any incidental injury prior to departing.) This is not limited to physical damage; leaving a host alive and healthy, but locked in a prison cell on suspicion of armed robbery is also dissonant.


Kyriotates can be particularly good at surveillance: one Kyriotate (can you really speak about "one" Kyriotate?) can monitor an entire facility as a flock of small animals. They're also good choices for co-opting an important individual's position in the Symphony.

Celestial AppearanceEdit

In celestial form, Kyriotates are a whirling cloud of limbs and body parts. While not as visibly malevolent as a Shedim, it's a pretty startlingly alien sight.


  • All Kyriotates are crazy hive-minds.

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