In Nomine: R&D is an Online Roleplaying Community run by permission of Steve Jackson Games. In Nomine is the property of SJ Games, and no challenge to that copyright is intended or implied by this MUX or its associated pages, including this wiki.

As the administration of INRD understands it, per the ORC agreement, ORCs are forbidden from:

  • Replicating copyrighted text above a certain allowance for short quotes
  • Replicating tables or charts from copyrighted sources
  • Producing stand-alone roleplaying aids outside of the MUX, such as character generators

(See the ORC page for definitive versions of these.)

SJ Games is invited to inform the administration of INRD of any concerns arising from the MUX, its wiki, or other associated pages.

Participants of INRD who are new to In Nomine and may not own the books are invited to head to [1] to pick up electronic copies. The corebook is available there (at last check) for about $17. This comes in a convenient, searchable form with lots of color images. The corebook is a great read, but it's a real pain to navigate through sometimes in paper form! This electronic version is nice that way. Other books are apparently on their way to electronic formats as well.

We see INRD as something very positive for SJ Games: a way to introduce people to In Nomine and allow them to use the superb setting for roleplay without having to hunt down other interested people living nearby. It is our expectation that INRD will increase the popularity of In Nomine and encourage more sales of the materials.

Lastly, although operating by the permission of SJ Games, this is not an official SJ Games site. The administration is not in the employ of SJ Games and is not an SJ Games representative.

Official NoticeEdit

The material presented here is based on the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. The specific content of this site is the responsibility of INRD's administration and its users, and has not been approved or endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. In Nomine is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and all art from In Nomine is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. All intellectual property of SJ Games on this site is utilized in accordance with a license granted under the SJ Games online policy for In Nomine online environments.