"Virtue is insufficient temptation."
-George Bernard Shaw

Lilim, the Tempters, are the fifth Band of demons. A Redeemed Lilim (a very, very rare creature) is a Bright Lilim, but some celestial philosophers argue that the Malakim are their true opposites. The rule that Lilim live by is the principle of the willing exchange. It's everyone for themselves. They think it's healthy and necessary for everyone to ask, "What's in it for me?" when considering a decision. With that in mind, they have no problem with conning and tricking others; that's how you get ahead, after all.


The only one known to have the ability to create Lilim is Lilith herself, the Princess of Freedom.

Lilim are sometimes created entirely by Lilith; other times, a Prince will contribute some Forces (which tints the newly created Lilim with that Word). In either case, every Lilim begins her life free. She then has a choice: she can either be bound to a Prince, and owe Lilith nothing (Lilith is compensated by the Prince), or she can be Free, and owe Lilith 9 Level 3 Geases directly. (Lilith can then trade these favors to others.)

Resonance and DissonanceEdit

Lilim have an innate understanding of what others need, and can apply celestially-binding promises (Geases) in exchange for satisfying that need. However, if a mortal overcomes their resonance and refuses their help, it generates dissonance.


Needless to say, Lilim are good at gathering up favors. They're skillful social manipulators, and almost always "know someone who..."

Celestial AppearanceEdit

In celestial form, Lilim look like green skinned humanoids with small horns.


  • All Lilim are eyelash-batting, manipulative nymphomaniacs. (Well, okay, maybe they are all manipulative...)