You can't hide from your creator,

You can't run from your maker.

-- DecembeRadio, "Can't Hide"

Litheroy, the Seraph Archangel of Revelation, is perhaps the ultimate example of his Choir -- an angel who cannot abide lies and who reveals secrets wherever he finds them. While this means he is kept out of some of the more confidential Heavenly councils, it also makes his servants invaluable detectives, especially when battling the machinations of Alaemon, the Demon Prince of Secrets.


Litheroy's Servitors have a difficult path to walk. His Word involves the disclosure of hidden things, whether it's an ancient city rediscovered by archaeologists or a presidential affair leaked to the press. Unlike many Seraphim, the Archangel is fascinated by humanity and especially its tendency to hide from itself. His servants may not lie or decieve, and may not take a Role, which Litheroy sees as a lie to the Symphony itself. The one secret they may keep, on orders from Above, is their angelic nature.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Since Litheroy keeps no secrets, even about himself, he is one of the few beings to feel comfortable around Dominic. He generally keeps out of Heavenly politics, but is friendly with Yves, Michael and Laurence. Jean's tendency to keep secrets from humanity disturbs him, as does his difficulty in keeping tabs on Janus and his Servitors. The Archangel of The Wind, in return, is mostly amused by the effort.