Pain without love,

Pain, I can't get enough,

Pain, I like it rough,

Because I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all.

-- Three Days Grace, "Pain"

Magog, the Shedite Prince of Cruelty, never really got a break. A former Kyriotate of Stone under David, he grew to love destructiveness and conquest too much and Fell in the 9th century B.C. But just one day after Lucifer crowned him a Prince, he and his followers were sealed in a tomb by David and the young Khalid, where the demons remained until 1998. Shortly after his liberation, Magog was confronted by an indignant Gabriel and has been presumed dead since -- though some GMs may decide that's merely wishful thinking.


Magog is old-school -- his demons are all about causing pain and suffering in those around them. His Servitors can show neither mercy nor kindness, and cannot be swayed by any pleas ... unless, of course, it would give the demons an opportunity to inflict even greater pain.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

During his brief return to Earth, Beleth gave Magog a refuge on her side of the Marches, a favor he didn't forget. He loved the aggressiveness of Baal and Belial and was practically worshipped by Furfur. Many of the newer Princes weren't even recognized by him.