People are okay, taken two or three at a time. More than that and they start to choose up sides and wear armbands.
– George Carlin, Brain Droppings

Malphas, Shedite Demon Prince of Factions, is a lot more subtle than the stereotypical raving lunatic Shedite, but he's got a taste for bloody mayhem as well. Rather than pushing individuals into killing sprees, though, he uses them to corrupt organizations and groups. With Baal's Word of "the War" referring primarily to the struggle between Heaven and Hell, and only dealing with human warfare as a figurative extension and a way to feud with Michael, a great deal of human war actually falls under Malphas' domain.


Malphas' Word targets one of the most predictable traits of humans: their tendency to form groups, often defined by their difference from another group. Individual humans are usually too ambivalent to go much beyond either side of lukewarm, but groups can produce much more dramatic actions for good or evil. This Word grows stronger when humans divide themselves, particularly when those divisions grow stronger by means of a feud.

Of course, it's not just humans that Malphas deals with: he is also behind of the fighting in Hell. Demons are not usually thought of as being naturally inclined to play nice with each other, but without Malphas they'd collaborate quite a lot more. This is part of why Lucifer is thought to have raised him to the level of Prince.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Malphas is allied (for now) with the ambitious upstart Nybbas. He has a similar relationship with Beleth. He despises Saminga (even though, or perhaps because, war often serves them both) and is not particularly fond of Baal or Haagenti either. He gets along reasonably well with Andrealphus and Kobal.


Start-ups are high-stress endeavors, which is handy for a demon trying to stir up arguments. There are a number of defense contractors among the park's companies. Outside the park, college faculty are known for being easily incited to conflict, and its attached hospital isn't a bad choice of target either.