Money, it's a gas,

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

--Pink Floyd

Mammon is the Demon Prince of Greed. A Balseraph, he wants what everyone else has: money, property, everything. Of course, he's got plenty of stuff himself, but it's still not nearly enough for his tastes. He does his work by instilling greed in humans, who are manipulated by his Servitors, who answer to him- the perfect conglomerate.


As a Word, Greed is quite simple: it's the desire to own everything you possibly can. Although Haagenti has been taking some of the broader interpretations of the Word, when it comes down to avarice, Mammon has it covered. And since money is so important to humans, he's still got plenty of power. If he has a weakness, it's that he tends to get obsessed with the corporeal world to the exclusion of everything else and can be burned that way -- the Crash of 1929 threw him down to the ranks of the minor Superiors, but he's done some rebuilding since then.

Relations with other SuperiorsEdit

Mammon is an ally to Andrealphus and Nybbas, and associated with Valefor and Haagenti (oddly enough, since the former's word is in opposition to Greed and Haagenti's been taking over some aspects of Greed as well). As much as he likes Baal (since War is good for the greedy), Baal scorns Mammon as a mere draft-dodger.


Well, those startup companies seem promising (although maybe in need of a little infernal assistance), and when there's money, Mammon's Servitors won't be far behind.