Foreigner, go tell the Spartans that we lie here obedient to their commands.
-Epitaph on a monument at Thermopylae

Michael, Seraph Archangel of War, was Heaven's first Commander of the Hosts, but abdicated that position in disgust following his prosecution by Dominic on charges of vainglory and promoting heathenish practices among the mortal warriors who supported his Word. Convicted and then pardoned, allegedly by the direct intervention of God, he continues to patronize all those who battle against others for a noble cause, whether with machine guns or with political maneuvers. Michael believes in fighting to the end, no matter the odds, and his servitors take dissonance if they retreat from battle without being directly ordered to do so by Michael himself.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Michael loves a fighter, and David and Laurence definitely qualify, while Jordi also earns his respect for his straightforward approach and willingness to make a clean kill. He considers Dominic the "Hyena of Heaven," and often sees pacifists such as Blandine and Novalis as getting in the way of the War when they could be doing more to help. He is the only Archangel to mistrust Yves, who seems to know so much, yet answers so little.


Michael's servitors would definitely be interested in Aegis Defensive Technologies, both to use it themselves, and to prevent its use by Baal. Both Michaelites and Laurencians could also be in town to lay the groundwork for an assault on the Green Gecko Tether.