There is a deeper world than this
that you don't understand
There is a deeper world than this
tugging at your hand
-Love is the Seventh Wave, Sting

, Cherub Archangel of Flowers, was appointed Archangel in around 22,000 BC, at the same time as Marc became the Archangel of Trade. Shortly (by celestial standards) before this, as Angel of Flowers, she created the Garden of Eden. She's a cheerful and kind-hearted soul, who goes about her very serious task with a certain humble levity. Dominic wishes she would stop teaching the Bodhisattvas to fingerpaint, and adopt a more formal mode of address for her Servitors than "hon".


Flowers is, at its most basic, about literal flowers. That extends out to some degree to other plants. Metaphorically, Flowers is mostly about peace and happiness. There is considerable variety among the world's plants and flowers, and there are other, thornier sides to the Word as well.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Novalis is probably the kindest of the Archangels, which does not mean she is the most well-liked. David, Michael, and other more warlike Archangels are frequently dismayed by her pacifist stance, and tendency to give demons and Hellsworn a great deal more mercy than they think such beings deserve. On the other hand, many acknowledge that she captures an important aspect of Heaven, without which it would not be the same. Eli, another free spirit, gets along well with her; their Words also share a theme of flourishing and endless generation. She doesn't always approve of Jordi's methods, but they work together to defend nature.


There are no special draws, but hey, everywhere could use a little love.