We take your best, and we spit out the rest,
and always leave 'em wanting more
-Pennywise, "The Western World"

Nybbas, Impudite Demon Prince of the Media, is a very new player in Hell. He was elevated to Princely status in 1884, upon the creation of the television.

Nybbas has a game show host style, grinning wickedly while others fight for his nod of approval. He always appears wearing glasses; no one has ever seen his eyes. (Or at least, that's the rumor. It's just his sort of gimmick.)

The MediaEdit

TV, radio and other mass media are Nybbas' domain. They've done a lot for Hell lately. Show business is his playground, and is filled with his Servitors and Soldiers. The Internet has proved a tougher nut to crack (according to In Nomine Superiors 2) since in many cases, users are creating their own entertainment without a middleman. The Media has a strong presence and gets its share of Essence, but Nybbas lacks real control over the Net; he keeps this a dead secret from other Princes.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Nybbas is good pals with Vapula (his old boss from before he became a Prince) and Kobal. Although he doesn't get along well with most of the old guard, he does work with Kronos quite a lot. He's recently formed close ties with Andrealphus in order to create a new paradigm for religion, based around the kind of selfish freedom with demons best appreciate. Between Nybbas deliciously deceitful media and Andre's diabolical charm, they expect to found a new religion of entertainment in the cracks of the corporate state before the end of the century.

As useful as he is to the War, he and Baal aren't on the best of terms.


Technology everywhere! Consumer electronics! Big, big, BIG! Advincula is on Nybbas' personal map. He wants to get some Servitors down there to give the local operations his special touch. Vapula's great, but he's too much into ray guns and chemical spills.