I've seen the future, baby, it is murder.
-Leonard Cohen, The Future

Saminga, the Shedite Prince of Death, embodies many of the stereotypes about his Band, although he cares far more the destruction of human bodies than the corruption of human souls. His greatest joy is the terror and emptiness of death experienced by a sentient being. It is somehow fitting that he is also kind of an imbecile. He was involved in the experiments that created Legion, the overgrown Shedite monstrosity that almost ended Earth, Heaven, and Hell in one go. He was promoted for figuring out necromancy, and the undead are his pet project.


Plain old Death is Saminga's thing. His servitors like to organize plots that pit humans against each other, or schemes that expose humans to some devastating natural force. They do sometimes also go on killing sprees themselves, but they're easy targets for Malakim when they make that much noise.

Another significant part of his portfolio is the creation and utilization of the undead. His lackies sometimes go one step smarter than massacring humans themselves, instead sending out undead monsters to do the killing. They are unfortunately still somewhat costly to create.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Saminga gets along with most of the other Superiors who have a taste for destruction, such as Baal and Belial. Kobal in his darker moods starts picking up a bit of the Death aesthetic. However, his megalomania and low intelligence have caused nearly every other Prince to be hostile or at least coldly neutral towards him. In particular, his fellow Shedite Malphas is contantly irritated by his lack of subtlety and overall stupidity while Andrealphas finds Death and Lust mutually opposed to one another.


He'd most likely be interested in the military technology being developed...or perhaps one of the biotech companies. He does love him some plagues, and the developed world's been bugging him with its relative lack thereof in recent times.