Skills Edit

Skills are proficiencies in certain behaviors, such as fixing a watch or firing a bow and arrow. See below for skill suggestions but as with life, skills are almost limitless.

Acrobatics** (Agility) Default: -3

Dodge*** (Agility, Perception, Precision) Default -1

Artistry (Perception) Default: -2

Chemistry (Intelligence) Default: -5

Climbing (Agility) Default: -2

Computer Operation (Intelligence) Default: -4

Detect Lies (Perception) Default: -2

Driving* (Precision) Default: -2

Electronics(the higher of Intelligence or Precision) Default: -5

Emote (Perception) Default: -1

Engineering (Precision) Default: -4

Escape(the higher of agility or Precision) Default: -3

Fast-Talk (Will) Default: -1

Knowledge (Intelligence) Default: -4

Languages* (Intelligence) Default: -4

Large Weapon* (Strength) Default: -3

Lockpicking (Precision) Default: -3

Lying(the higher of Intelligence or Perception) Default: -2

Medicine (Precision) Default: -4

Move Silently (Agility) Default: -1

Ranged Weapon* (Precision) Default: -2

Running(the higher of Strength or Agility) Default: -1

Savoir-Faire(the higher of Intelligence or Precision) Default: -4

Seduction (Will) Default: -1

Singing (Perception) Default: -2

Small Weapon* (Precision) Default: -2

Survival(the higher of Will or Perception) Default: -4

Swimming (Agility) Default: -2

Tactics (Intelligence) Default: -2

Throwing(the higher of Agility or Precision) Default: -3

(*) Type specific, IE, Large Weapon: Broad Sword and Large Weapons: Bearded Axe. For language, native speaking is level 3. All characters have a native language at level 3.

(**) May be combined with Dodge as GM discretion.

(***) Agility for a physical attack, Precision for a mental one and Perception for a strike against the celestial form. Check digit is subtracted from damage dealt.

Difficulty Edit

2 x d6 total Chance Chance to Equal or Exceed
2 2.778 100
3 5.556 94 Very Easy
4 8.333 86
5 11.111 75 Easy
6 13.889 61
7 16.667 44 Average
8 13.889 31
9 11.111 19 Hard
10 8.333 11
11 5.556 6 Very Hard
12 2.777 3


Skill levels are described below, using human examples. Bear in mind that skills are only half the picture when it comes to results -- attributes matter as well.

1: Only knows the basic idea; knows a trick or two that might or might not be applicable in a given situation. (Lockpicking: They know how to do that trick where you open a door with a credit card.)
2: Decent, but still with significant gaps in their knowledge. (Chemistry: They just started their second year of grad school.)
3: Competent practitioner. Generally sufficient for professional work. (Medicine: They're a brand-new MD.)
4: Expert. Extremely well-versed in their area. Even relative to people who do it for a living, they're quite good. If they're involved in the relevant community, they've probably made some significant contributions to the field. (Computer: They could be a full professor of computer science at a top-notch school.)
5: Master. Remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge. They've likely made some major innovations in the area. They're as good in every sub-skill as a rank 4 "expert" is at their best sub-skill. (Fighting: In their prime, they were a top-tier UFC fighter.)
6: Very few humans reach this level, but a gifted and industrious few manage it despite the brevity of their lifespans. A celestial has more chance of developing this level of creative understanding. (Ranged Weapon: They've mastered every trick for every projectile weapon in existence, and are quick to devise solutions for new situations.)