Songs are supernatural abilities used to manipulate the Symphony. Most Songs have three versions: Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial. They sometimes make a fair bit of noise, and they require Essence to fuel them.

Listing of Available SongsEdit

These are the most common Songs.


  • Corporeal: Track an object (using a piece of it)
  • Ethereal: Track a person (using a piece of them)
  • Celestial: Track an artifact's owner, an item's creator, or the bearer of a Lilim's Geas-hook


  • Corporeal: Links two non-living objects with a "magnetic"-like bond.
  • Ethereal: Entrances someone with someone or something.
  • Celestial: Attunes someone to something, like a Cherub or Djinn.


  • Corporeal: Enfeebles a target's corporeal abilities.
  • Ethereal: Dulls a target's mental faculties.
  • Celestial: Dims a target spiritually.


  • Corporeal: Enter someone's dreams.
  • Ethereal: Affect someone's ability within a dream.
  • Celestial: Manipulate the tone of a dreamscape.


  • Corporeal: Accelerate or reverse aging.
  • Ethereal: Mental attack on victim.
  • Celestial: Attack victim's psyche.


  • Corporeal: Toughens the user's skin.
  • Ethereal: Invisibility.
  • Celestial: Shapeshifting.


  • Corporeal: Soporific effect on all present.
  • Ethereal: Makes it psychologically difficult to engage in conflict.
  • Celestial: Temporarily alleviates Discord.


  • Corporeal: Heals the body.
  • Ethereal: Heals the mind.
  • Celestial: Heals the spirit.


  • Corporeal: Creates light.
  • Ethereal: Generates illusions.
  • Celestial: Attacks with a beam of light.


  • Corporeal: Fly!
  • Ethereal: Minor telekinesis.
  • Celestial: Teleportation.

Numinous CorpusEdit

These are all Corporeal songs which alter the singer's body.

  • Acid: Spit acid.
  • Claws: Grow claws.
  • Fangs: Grow fangs.
  • Feet: Grow hooves.
  • Horns: Grow horns.
  • Tail: Grow a tail.
  • Wings: Grow wings.


There is only one form of this Song, and it's considered Celestial.

  • Celestial: Possess someone!


These Songs let someone project themselves onto any of the three planes.


  • Corporeal: Physical barrier.
  • Ethereal: Supernatural barrier.
  • Celestial: Obscures area from sight and supernatural senses.


Considered Corporeal for system purposes; ICly considered to cover all three planes.

  • Corporeal: Stuns people and temporarily drowns out other Disturbances.


  • Corporeal: Speak in a universally comprehensible manner.
  • Ethereal: Telepathy.
  • Celestial: Send a message anywhere.