Tribal traditions are most often the result of some limited interactions with Angelics or Infernals.

North AmericaEdit

In general, most tribal traditions lend their Essence to Heaven, and many directly repair damage to the Symphony by re-attuning dissonance. This is especially true of communal drumming songs, as well as the sweat lodge. Many Celestials take on Native American vessels simply because of this fact.

However, the use of tobacco within the sacred context was discovered early on, and so the Prince of Addictions (name unknown at present) increased a toxic chemical trace in the plant's self-defense mechanisms (which we today call nicotine) to kill the human population off. There have been many attempts at this, and the Native ways of North America's First Nations are decimated as a result.


Most African tribal traditions lend their Essence to the Dreaming, the Etherial realm connected to Blandine. However, they have some intense connections (especially toward the south) to Jordi's Cathedral, and so some of the Essence generated by the rites of these people to their animistic gods aids Heaven.

To date, none of these rites specifically lends Essence to the Infernals, though there are those who can sometimes (with no specific degree of accuracy) catch essence going to the nightmare realm.


Russian shamans do not generate Essence for either Heaven or Hell, instead looking to empower themselves to fight evil. However, a few shamanic practitioners have, over time, found themselves in Heaven's employ.