Night creatures calling, the dead start to walk in their masquerade,

There's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time.

--Michael Jackson, "Thriller"

The undead are humans who have literally sold their soul to have eternal life on Earth, or at least a close approximation. While they typically do not age, dream or need to fulfill most basic human functions, they can still be killed -- and if that happens, their soul immediately unbinds, the component Forces rejoining the Symphony. A repentant undead is one of the most tragic things on Earth, for he can never see Heaven ... he can only serve it for a while.

Types of UndeadEdit

The art of making undead was practiced by the Egyptians and perfected by Saminga, who used that knowledge to become the Demon Prince of Death. Depending on how the necromantic ritual proceeds, there are three basic types of undead:

Mummies are the basic goal, an undead with 6 Forces who can convincingly pass for human. Many mummies will have some additional powers granted by their Prince or Saminga, and may have a special Rite with which to regain Essence.

Vampires are what happens when the ritual goes wrong. The resulting undead now has 5 Forces and may still have some special powers, but is also vulnerable to sunlight and has a Need that must be met every day to regain Essence. (Blood is common.)

Zombis are what happens when the ritual REALLY goes wrong (though some servants of Saminga can choose to create a zombi, cutting to the chase as it were). Zombis always have 4 Forces or less and never have any Celestial Forces, so they have no Will with which to disobey orders. They might have some minor powers, but always have a serious Need (brains, blood, pudding pops, whatever). Every day that Need isn't met, the zombi's body begins to irreversibly disintegrate.