Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons. --R. Buckminster Fuller

Vapula, Habbalite Prince of Technology, is a fiendish experimenter who aims to make up for Hell's lack of access to the Halls of Progress that Jean watches over. All manner of bizarre devices have come out of his labs. They almost always have defects ranging from the problematic to the spectacularly fatal, but the sheer audacity of design challenges assumptions of what can and cannot be done.

Anyone who thinks to address him as "Dread Demon Prince" or the like obviously doesn't know much about Habbalah. He's an Archangel. He's the only Archangel. (Aside from Fleurity, of course.)


Vapula won the Word of Technology during the Industrial Revolution. Whereas Jean tends to favor sleek and minimalist design, Vapula sometimes indulges a penchant for the clunky and unsophisticated: industrial accidents and oil spills entertain him.

His more elegant gadgets tend to derive from profane meddlings with the fabric of the celestial realm. Many an angel (and many a demon) have been celestially vivisected or flung into some diabolical contraption to test a new theory. This kind of insane (but frequently brilliant!) experimentation is the hallmark of Technology.


The Tether, of course, is the main point of interest. From the research park, Vapula aims to unleash another wave of devices on the world. It's a given that he's going to slip in some supernatural quirks, and perhaps he already has.