A Vessel is the physical form that a celestial uses as a "disguise" on Earth. Human vessels are the most common, but animal vessels are not unknown and are almost universal among the Servitors of Jordi.

Vessels tend to be far tougher than the froms they imitate and need not eat, sleep, drink, or perform most other normal human functions ... though the celestial can choose to do any or all of these if they wish. They are highly resistant to temperature extremes and difficult to drug, intoxicate or poison. However, they do still need to breathe as an ordinary body would.

A vessel does not need to age, but can if its owner wishes to. However, this is a one-way trip -- the vessel cannot be made younger without special Songs. If a celestial assumes its true form or ascends to Heaven or Hell, the vessel temporarily vanishes until it is needed again.

Some Saints also use a vessel to return to Earth, while others choose to be reborn into a normal human body.

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