Wise eyes, you see the core of me ...

--Rebecca St. James, "Lion"

Yves, Archangel of Destiny, is not known to belong to any Choir. The usual explanation is that he was the first soul created by God, who then named God, and subsequently the rest of existence. Many suspect he is not an angel at all but some kind of being from the Higher Heavens. He knows every word that has ever been scribbled down, and the divine potential of all things.


See also: Destiny and Fate
Destiny refers to the heavenly potential in all souls, mortal and celestial. Yves and his Servitors work to bring these to fruition, while Kronos -- an equally enigmatic figure -- drives the Symphony towards its Fate.

Relations with Other SuperiorsEdit

Yves gets along well with just about everyone, and most every Archangel looks to him for counsel. The most notable exception is Michael, who ever since around the time of the BC/AD changeover doesn't really trust the enigmatic Superior. Yves himself doesn't seem to indulge in particularly negative or positive opinions of the Archangels. He does work especially closely with Blandine, Gabriel, and Jean, but he mostly stays aloof from politics.


There are quite a number of significant destinies around Advincula, most likely. It would not be surprising to find Yves' Servitors roaming about.